Sam ZormatiHave you discovered the joys of wellness travel yet?

We all travel for our personal lives and business; whether it’s a short commute on the train or a long plane ride across the Atlantic, we often make the effort to move from place to place to accomplish tasks and to fulfill responsibilities. It’s just as important that we master the art of wellness travel.

What is wellness travel, you ask? Well, as the name indicates, wellness travel speaks to the practice of traveling for the betterment of one’s spiritual health, mental health. or physical health.

Many travel trends have emerged in recent years, including the reported growth of polar desert tourism, medical tourism, paradox travel, and digital nomadism. What has also come to light is a prescribed need for leisure. Combining wellness and travel will nourish you.

A meditated trip is the best way to connect with oneself and introduce solitude into one’s experience. Normally, trips tend to revolve around lounging, drinking, and eating. However, trips that center on wellness ask that you exercise, that you observe quiet, and that you lean away from indulgence, opting instead to consider your health first, rather than neglecting responsibilities to your mind and your body.

  1. Remember to choose the place wisely. Don’t select a location that’s oversaturated and bustling. Choose somewhere private or on the outskirts, so that you can focus on creating a climate for personal improvement. Without this, you won’t be able to find much needed quiet. Some people choose places like Thailand, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Indonesia, or Nicaragua.
  2. Consider interacting with locals and eating local cuisine. Leave your car at home, and walk the rooted earth to find your way to authentic experiences and interactions.
  3. Read reviews about the hotel, club, cottage, and/or resort where you’ll be staying ahead before you book, so you can verify the quality and so you can be sure that the accommodations will meet your needs.
  4. Bring along your favorite healthy snacks to enjoy while you’re away so that you can savor them.

Exploration and adventure are essential. The ability to transverse and discover new lands, new languages, and new people… it’s a gift that should be afforded to every individual.

Thus, if you have the means to take a peek into the windows of friends from different places, consider how some of the beauty that you’ve found that has improved your quality of life and changed the way that you see the world. Because, even this, traveling to learn about the world around you, demonstrates an interest in personal wellness. It suggests that you have a desire to be a worthwhile global citizen, contending to understand the lives and existences of others here on earth.

What are some things you might do on your wellness vacation?