Do You Need A New Hotel Property Management System_ Sam ZormatiProviding short-term lodging accommodations that are cozy and comfortable aren’t the only things that contribute to a quality guest experience. In fact, a large part of a relaxing experience may involve the hotel’s choice of property management system.

For this reason, it’s important to know when it’s time to change a property management system. Outdated management systems drain resources, waste time, and decrease opportunities for growth.

What is a hotel property management system? A hotel property management system is a platform designed to manage bookings, room assignments, rates, billings, and it’s used to coordinate other critical operational functions.

On the operation’s side, a property management system is the blood and veins of an establishment. With a well-oiled system, it’s easier for administrators to maximize revenue, streamline services, and prioritize guest needs. Even methods that have stood the test of time may be in need of an overhaul because merely replacing the system can enable income growth and productivity.

What you may not know is not know is that an improved management system can help to re-energize your brand, drive loyalty, and boost revenue. There is likely tell-tell sign that indicates that it’s time for you to invite a new system into your business.

  1. You don’t have to have all of the newfangled bells and whistles, but if your property management system fails to integrate the essential communication tools, then you’re in need of an upgrade. PMS has changed dramatically since their first interaction, and it’s critical that internal and guest-facing programming is functional, modern, and interactive. You may want to seek out a system or service that’s automated, has SMS features, has data accessibility, and it’s mobile-friendly.
  2. If your employees express frustration about the exhausting onboarding issues, complicated features, or unstable support, then you should re-evaluate the system you have in place. You should have a program that doesn’t drain resources or patience. This affects productivity, It may cost extra to seek out third-party apps, vendor support, and maintenance service, when you could future-proof operations by seeking out a scalable PMS that’s open-source, cloud-based, and that’s relatively easy to configure. Legacy systems require more love and attention.
  3. Updating or replacing your management system can be a massive undertaking but it promises a higher ROI. Seek out a system that has a booking engine, marketing solutions, guest history, and employee dashboards. The update can do away with obstructions caused by older systems, and it can bring you and your business into the future.

What are the names of some hotel property management systems that you and your business needs?