5 Exciting Casino Stocks To Invest InIf you’re looking for some new investments to help your money grow, why not try gambling? More specifically, invest your money by buying stocks in some of the most promising casinos on the market. As the casino industry continues to boom, these stocks offer unparalleled growth.

Wynn Resorts (WYNN)

Currently trading at just above $185 per share, Wynn Resorts is a pretty expensive stock choice, but it also may be worth it. Wynn is constantly expanding and recently added the $4 billion Wynn Palace in Macau to its long list of resort facilities. The company’s stock is trading at 24x its projected earning statements for next year, suggesting more growth is anticipated.

MGM Resorts International (MGM)

While MGM might not have the vast geographical reach of Wynn, it is a force to be reckoned with in Las Vegas. The resort’s gambling revenue is actually outdone by the earnings the resort receives for its dining, lodging, and entertainment offerings. The company also owns the new T-Mobile Arena, which has already served as a home to some of the biggest concerts, conventions, and sporting events. Outside of Vegas, MGM opened the MGM National Harbour in Washington, D.C. and they have plans to launch a new resort in Macau. Currently, the MGM stock is going for $35.69 a share.

Las Vegas Sands (LVS)

While Las Vegas Sands hasn’t seen much growth in its Nevada home, it has experienced much more success in Macau. Las Vegas Sands operates five resorts in Macau, in addition to its Las Vegas, east coast, and Singapore locations. In the future, Las Vegas Sands is hoping to catch a greater share of the gambling and entertainment dollar, suggesting a more diversified business model. At present, LVS is selling at $75.09 a share.

Melco Crown Entertainment (MLCO)

Another company with a massive presence in Macau, Melco Crown Entertainment just reported an earnings increase of $0.24 a share. Revenues of $1.28 billion far exceeded early estimates and the company continues to experience growth. On average, Melco has experienced a 15.7% yearly growth.

Penn Gaming (PENN)

Penn Gaming operates casinos and gaming halls throughout North America and they continue to grow, which was proven in the most recent earnings quarter. Penn far exceeded earnings predictions by 200% and brought in $776 million in revenue. Selling at $26.58 per stock, PENN may be a good choice for those looking for a good value for your investment.

The popularity of gambling mitigates some of the risk associated with investing in individual stocks, but that doesn’t mean you can forgo your own research. View the information here as a jumping off point, giving your investment interests a focused direction. As with any business, stock performance varies based on the commercial success of the casino.