5 Tips to Take Away from Casinos | Sam ZormatiYou can’t offer all clients the promise of a fistful of quick cash, a din of smoke and bottomless drinks, or a wall with no clocks, but there are features that casinos offer that can help drive business.

  • Relaxation Goes a Long Way

Make the lighting in your organization soft and gentle so that clients feel comfortable in their surroundings. Environments are always kept clean so that clients are glad to stay for a long duration. The staff diligently service their patrons. The employees understand that client’s money goes a long way because it is about the repeat of business that helps drives sales for the future of the organization.

  • Make Business the Focal Point

Whether walking to the restroom or to the water cooler, patrons need to always walk past important features of the business. In a casino, they walk past table games and slot machines when visiting the restrooms, ATMs, and the cash-out desk. Always give clients the opportunity to participate in more services or buy more goods.

  • Distract to Success

Casinos are known to have noisy and distracting machines. They set up gaming machines so that you know when someone wins near you. It will lure you into believing that you can achieve that same success. Those sounds and whirling lights become associated with success.

  • Extra Amenities

Good hotels ensure that all services aren’t a-la-carte. They offer free drinks to all those that are playing. Additional services such as hotel stays, event tickets, restaurant points, casino credit, and ease of accessibility become available to those who frequently visit. Returning guests know that in the future, they will continually be cared for.

  • Please Very Important People

To piggyback off of the extra amenities, the small population of big spenders should be recognized and rewarded. Premium services should always be made available to them. The treatment should look luxurious. High rollers know that they are valued and that it’s within a company’s interest for cater to be customers. Other patrons see VIPs as models of success.

As a bonus tip, always treat employees well. Good employees always treat clients well. Word of mouth from the staff is just as important as influence from any other guests. Empower your employees to strengthen your business.