French innovator and entrepreneur, Sam Zormati, is a renowned investor with experience in the entertainment industry. Having been an investor for nearly two decades, Sam Zormati has been involved in a variety of industries. With experience in real estate, fintech, and entertainment, Sam’s background and knowledge is truly unparalleled.

A most recent venture for Sam Zormati is the highly anticipated, CashCasino.com, an online casino with operations in Europe and Curacao.  As co-founder of CashCasino.com Sam Zormati will bring an elite clientele of players from designated countries.  An official launch party in the fall/winter of 2017 is anticipated in Paris, with satellite locations from Malta and Cyprus joining the event.  Current reservations are being accepted.  Send me a quick message with your email and I’ll get back to you. Thank you.

Sam Zormati is the owner and operator of the ever popular online casino platform, cashcasino.com. CashCasino.com targets iGamers in the European Union and is also available globally. The online casino offers players live casino and casino slot games.

Most recently, Sam Zormati embarked on a movie production as the executive producer with renowned artist, AKON. The 90 minute feature film is currently in pre-production and casting.

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